Saturday, January 4, 2014

New York City 2012: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

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Of all the skylines in the world, nothing takes my breath away like Manhattan.  

I wish I could give a better introduction to this post but that's all I could muster.  After more than a year since being there, I'm still in a state of disbelief that I actually had this experience.

New York City is my most favorite place so far.  I have like five separate post ideas to capture my experience and I'm going to start with the Lady overlooking the Big Apple - The Statue of Liberty.

There are two ways to reach the Liberty Island by ferry: from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan or Liberty State Park, New Jersey.  My relatives chose the latter since parking and traffic concerns are more manageable in the outskirts of NYC.  I think it's more picturesque.

Got my cousin-sponsored ticket ready!

There wasn't a very long line when we were there.  Within a few minutes, the ferry arrived.

You just have to be at the roofdeck of the ferry.  

Before Liberty Island, we stoped at Ellis Island.  It used to be the immigrat inspection station but presently, it hosts the museum of immigration.  I didn't get off the ferry because time was of the essence. I only had Saturday and the morning of Sunday to get as much of New York as I can.  Time pressure at its finest.

Moving on... we're almost there!

The whole ferry trip was only about 20 minutes.  Not bad for a time-constrained tourist like me.

Of course, I rushed to the base of the statue and see it up close.  I was mildly surprised that Lady Liberty had a greenish hue; I thought it was grayish/whitish.  I read in one of the information tablets that the Statue is thinly coated with copper.  Due to the salty wind and water, the copper reacted and turned into a greenish hue.  I'm no scientist; that's as far as I can remember.

There's only so many angles you can take of Liberty.  I fancied a stroll along the minuscule island.

A tidbit of information about my favorite skyline.

Now this one is a nice back view of the Statue.

The ferry back was way less crowded.

... and so I grabbed the opportunity for a wide shot without running the risk of photobombers ruining it.

My New York adventure doesn't end here.  Stay tuned for my future posts about Times Square, Central Park, and the rest of Manhattan!


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