Saturday, January 11, 2014

New York City 2012: Neon Lights at NYC Times Square


A city girl at heart, I found my one true love in form of neon lights and dusky skies framed by concrete mega-structures - New York City!   As I stand in awe in the middle of magnificent Times Square, I vaguely remembered someone once mentioning that this city is overrated and literally filthy.  He or she said a newbie tourist would be disappointed.  I don't know about whoever that was, but I couldn't spot one imperfection in glorious New York.  I've been as far as The Bronx and have taken a 45-minute subway to Manhattan but every sight and every sound thrilled me like a giddy teenager on her first date. 

So this is my first date with New York.

Times Square, the iconic commercial intersection of Manhattan (and of the whole world), was supposed to have been really dirty but no, it wasn't at all. I'm not saying that it's squeaky clean like Singapore but I may have turned a blind eye (as they say, love is blind) to a less than appealing nook or alley.  Overall, it was everything Hollywood movies made us to believe (save for the constant extraterrestrial and villainous attacks).

I don't know how often they do this but at the time of my visit, the roads surrounding and passing through Times Square were mostly closed.  Lots of locals and tourists were afoot and having a festive mood. Halloween was coming, perhaps? 

Speaking of Halloween, I remembered my sweet tooth.  It led me to Hershey's Chocolate World, right there in the hustle and bustle of Times Square!

A rare and very precious cousin-selfie!

As I've seen in the movies, costume-clad folks populated the streets and allowed tourists to take photos with them - in exchange for a few dollars in "donation".  So sorry I didn't know the etiquette and had a few "stolen" shots.

What's Times Square without the famous Naked Cowboy?

I wasn't satisfied yet but I had to move along.  There's still the rest of Manhattan to see and experience and as I've mentioned here, there was not exactly an abundance of time.

Good thing I wore the comfiest boots; brisk walkathons coming up!


  1. Reese's! I instantly drooled.

    I was expecting selfies. Now, I'm curious. Who took the photos?

    Keep writing, Mariel!

    1. I was with my cousin who lives near NY. Thanks, Atty.!